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Contact Us

Mudflat Pottery Studio, Inc.
81 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02145

Phone: (617)628-0589
FAX: (617)628-2082
email: info@mudflat.org

Mudflat Staff:

Lynn Gervens, Executive Director
Cary Atsalis, Technical Director
Jennifer DeAngelis, Assistant Technical Director
Gabrielle Fougere, Administrative Assistant
Kate Kuligowski, Administrative Assistant
Jessica Mitchell, Technical Assistant
Kate Kuligowski, Technical Assistant
Jenny Dworkin, Community Outreach
Bill Russell, Facility Manager
Jeff Dodds, Maintenance
David LaPierre, Maintenance

Special thanks to our Summer Interns, Gustavo Barteloni and Kendra Lohr!

Board of Directors

Betsy Chabot
Sheila Connelly
Angela Cunningham
Lisa Dittrich
Lynn Gervens
Lisa Knebel
Tess Mattern
Heather Ritchie
Michael Scanlon
Stephanie Schorow
Joshua Weinstock
Collin Wild

Gallery Staff

Jeff Dodds
Anne Hodgsdon
Lisa Knebel
Toni Langerman
Pamela Wickham

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