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Artist Studios at Mudflat

In our new facility, Mudflat has expanded our studio artist program to include more clay artists in a broader range of studio spaces and at a variety of prices. We now have 2 types of artist categories: Resident Artists and Associate Artists.
  • Resident Artists are professional clay artists who have the technical skill and experience to fire their own work in the studio kilns. Studios for Resident Artists are private individual spaces or shared studios with 1 other artist, or with 3 other artists. Monthly rents range from $200-$305 per artist..
  • Associate Artists are serious clay students looking for more access, privacy and shelf space. There are 2 large group studios of approximately 285 square feet each to be shared by 6 artists each. These studios are equipped with a work table and shelving unit for each artist plus a central work table and 1 pottery wheel in each studio room. Associate Artists' work will be fired by Mudflat technicians. Monthly rents are $225 per artist..
Both Resident Artists and Associate Artists have 24 hour studio availability, and use of other studio and classroom equipment. The monthly rent does not include clay materials, glazes or firings, but clay, glazes and firings may be purchased through Mudflat for additional fees. A committee reviews all applications based on the following criteria: Applicant's level of professionalism, artistic quality of work, and commitment to the Mudflat community.

For information on availability, fees and application procedures, call or write to the Director.

Mudflat Studio Artists

Noni Armony
Cary Atsalis
Susan Bernstein
Melissa Bland
Lynn Cannici
Sarah Chapman
Sheila Connelly
Angela Cunningham
Holly Curcio
Rachel Eng
Debra Fleury
Gabrielle Fougere
Howard Gerstein
Lynn Gervens
Reme Gold
Lisa Graf
Arthur Halvorsen
Elise Hauenstein
Anne Hodgsdon
Maxine Hugon
Lisa Knebel
Kurt Kuss
Chiyoko Lee
Chloe Marr-Fuller
Jane Proctor
Elaine Reily
Monica Ripley
Tilla Rodemann
Bill Russell
Eric Schwarzenbach
Zach Shaw
Alice Templeton
Kyla Toomey
Joanne Weinstock
Collin Wild
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