Artist Residency Program

In 1998 Mudflat began offering a one-year residency position to clay artists. This highly competitive program provides a private studio space at no cost with access to Mudflat’s facility, and opportunities for the resident to teach and sell their work.

Applications for the 2019-20 residency will be available in spring 2019. See below for information sheet and application form.


Mudflat’s Artist-in-Residence for 2017-18 is Katie Fee

Katie Fee recently completed the Ceramics Post-Baccalaureate/Graduate Program at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. She earned a BA from the College of William and Mary, majoring in Studio Art and Geology, receiving highest honors for her capstone research thesis in soda-fired pottery. Katie was a winter resident at Penland School of Crafts in 2016 and has worked as a studio assistant at Richmond Visual Arts Center and for artist Mike Jabbur. She has exhibited her work in juried, solo and group exhibitions nationwide.

“Growing up on a swampland farm in South Carolina, I had visual evidence of the entwining relationships between land, people, and time. We watched fields rotate from mucky dirt patch, to plowed garden, then blankets of green, and back again, at the mercy of our own tools. We also saw land change beyond our control; creek beds annually rise and recede by rainfall, and their casual path carves soil along the way, carelessly dictating the wealth of each plotted field. I am fascinated by the cycles through which weather, tectonics, and life create, deform, and deconstruct the earth.”

“I work with clay the same way that I perceive the conversation between agriculture and environment. My process revolves around attentive exploration of distortion and change in clay. Pots begin by cutting apart wheel-thrown cylinders and discs with mottled cords, then repairing using slip and wire. The steps vary according to composition and state of clay. When finished, my pots are utilitarian and adventurous.”

“My pots are not intended to imitate nature, but I do hope to achieve a similar sense of motion and physical exchange that cast surfaces of the earth represent. My aim is to create an engaging form, encouraging the user to investigate and explore the piece.”

You can see examples of Katie’s work at



Residency dates:

September 1 - August 31, annually

Residency includes:

  • Private 90 sq. foot studio space
  • 24 hour access
  • A monthly stipend of $50, to be applied to clay materials and firing costs
  • Opportunities to teach in our educational programs and for retail sales at our Open Studio events and at Mudflat Gallery
  • Solo exhibition and reception at Mudflat in August to showcase work created during the residency year

Residency requirements:

  • Artists are expected to spend a minimum of 20 hours per week in their studio
  • Artists are required to work 5 hours per week for Mudflat, assisting with technical jobs
  • 2 public presentations during the residency. The first, in September, is a slide show of the artist's work.
  • Applicants should have knowledge of a variety of clay techniques and some kiln firing experience, the ability to work independently, and enthusiasm and willingness to be part of an urban clay community.


Information and applications for the 2018-19 residency will be available February 2018; please contact us with any questions.
Applications are due April 16, 2018.


Mudflat Artists in Residence

2018-2019 James Lee Webb
2017-2018 Katie Fee
2016-2017 Martin McDermott
2015-2016 Mike Roche
2014-2015 Rachel Eng
2013-2014 Kyla Toomey
2012-2013 Dan Molyneux
2011-2012 Holly Curcio
2010-2011 Lisa Graf
2009-2010 Debra Fleury
2008-2009 Deborah Schwartzkopf
2007-2008 Cathy Lu
2006-2007 Nicole Peters
2005-2006 Ryan Takaba
2004-2005 Angela Cunningham
2003-2004 Monica Ripley
2002-2003 Gabriel Penfield
2001-2002 Meghan Sullivan
2000-2001 Ruchika Madan
1999-2000 Karsten Kunert
1998-1999 Randy Fein