Special Events

Mudflat hosts special celebratory and fundraising events throughout the year.

UPCOMING in 2017:

Chocolate Tasting Party Fun-raiser

Friday March 17


Mudflat Challenge #4 Exhibition: "Communication & Collaboration"

Reception: March 31, 6-8 pm


4th Annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser to benefit Food for Free

Saturday April  22


Past events include:


November: Mudflat Challenge # 3 exhibition: "Play"

October: Hats Off to Mudflat Gala to celebrate Mudflat's 45th Anniversary

July: Mudflat Challenge # 2 exhibition: "Illusion/Allusion"

April: Mudflat Challenge # 1 exhibition: "Attachment"

April: 3rd Annual Empty Bowls



October: Broadway Theatre Centenary exhibition and movie events

April: Empty Bowls

March: Mudflat Artists Residency exhibition/NCECA



October: Hats Off to Mudflat Gala

April: Empty Bowls