Winter semester 2021

New class dates!

Jan/Feb session - Feb 1 through March 20

Mar/Apr session - March 22 through May 8




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Mudflat's 2019 Annual Report



Stand With Mudflat


Mudflat stands with black communities and communities of color and all those fighting to end racism in overt and covert forms. We strive to create a welcoming environment in our studio and are proud of the inclusive and warm Mudflat community that exists. There is so much more that we must do to ensure we are truly living our values as an arts organization. We are committed to devoting the time, energy, and resources to examine our implicit biases, and to support racial justice and social equity. We commit ourselves to broadening our audience through continued outreach in East Somerville and Greater Boston, to developing programming alongside artists from marginalized communities, and to foster a space that is inclusive for all. We welcome your input and voice to work with us towards these goals.


Mudflat is a clay studio for students and artists of all ages and levels in metro Boston. We offer a dynamic artistic community, featuring classes, workshops, outreach programming and events, plus a mix of studio rentals for 38 professional clay artists.