Adult Class Descriptions

Beginning Wheelthrowing - How do you work with clay on the pottery wheel? This class is for students with no or little clay experience who are interested in learning basic skills at the potter's wheel for creating functional work. Demonstrations will cover wedging, centering, and forming shapes such as vases, mugs, bowls and plates. You will learn basic glazing and decorating techniques, and be introduced to electric and gas kiln firing.

Advanced Beginning Wheelthrowing - For students who have had an introductory experience working on the potter's wheel and now want to strengthen their basic skills. This class will focus on more throwing techniques, a variety of forms, and more advanced glazing and decorating ideas.

Intermediate Wheelthrowing - Build on your basic skills and knowledge of throwing and further your technical understanding of clay. More complex functional forms, refinement of throwing skills, and advanced decorative and glazing techniques will be demonstrated and discussed.  The class will review and critique fired results to further develop your personal style.

Beginning Handbuilding - Explore handbuilding as an alternative way of making functional and sculptural ceramic art. Students will learn basic construction processes such as coils, slabs, and molds and a variety of decorative and finishing techniques using lowfire and/or highfire clays and glazes. Students will pursue individual projects with assistance from the instructor.

Intermediate Handbuilding - Build on your basic handbuilding skills and explore more complex functional and/or sculptural forms. Study will include refinement of handbuilding techniques, surface treatments and finishing options. The class will review and critique fired results to foster the development of a personal style.

Kurinuki - Kurinuki is a Japanese term referring to the hand building technique of starting with a solid block of clay and carving it out to create an interior. Many US potters use this method, Bandana Pottery, Melissa Weiss, Lucien Koonce, to name a few. Coiling is an additive hand building process, kurinuki is a subtractive process. This method is new to me as well, so we will be experimenting together. Add this technique to your repertoire and explore its vast array of possibilities for both functional and sculptural work.

Independent Study - Students with previous clay experience can pursue their own projects outside of a structured class in Independent Study. This program provides access to classroom space  during all Open Lab Hours throughout the semester. Students enrolled in Independent Study should attend the scheduled orientation meeting to receive studio information, clay and shelf space and to meet Mudflat staff. No instruction is provided in Independent Study.

Affiiated - For previously enrolled Mudflat students who have space to work at a home studio. This program allows you to make work at another location and bring it to Mudflat for firings in our kilns by our technical staff. Affiliated students must purchase clay from Mudflat – price includes glazes and both bisque and glaze firings. Cost of clay is not included in tuition. You may use the glazerooms at Mudflat during our Open Lab Hours. Work to be fired will be included in regularly scheduled Mudflat student firings. Affiliated does not include a student shelf in the Mudflat classrooms.



These classes will take place on Zoom. Class demonstration will be for one hour, with time before and after for socializing, Q&A, and sharing with the teacher and other students.

Virtual classes do not include clay or open lab hours. However, students may purchase clay from Mudflat if they are enrolled in a virtual class, and then work can be brought to Mudflat for glazing and firing.

  • Intermediate Wheelthrowing with Steve Murphy
  • Surface Decoration & Design Sampler with Maureen Mills (for Sept/Oct, this is a 6-week long class)