EBT Card to Culture




EBT Card to Culture is a collaboration between the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services’ Department of Transitional Assistance. This program offers reduced or free admission into more than 100 cultural organizations across the Commonwealth.

At Mudflat, this offer includes automatic qualification for financial aid, tuition may vary.

  1. Check out Mudflat’s class and workshop listings.
  2. Call us at 617-628-0589 to register for workshops, or fill out the google for for an on-going class at time of registration. Mention that you are an EBT cardholder and provide the first 6 digits of your card number.
  3. You will receive a tuition discount of 50% off the class or workshop that you are registering for.
  4. Mudflat cannot process EBT transactions; cash, check or credit card must be provided for the tuition balance due.
  5. Come to Mudflat and enjoy working in clay!