Mudflat Gallery At Porter Square, Cambridge

Mudflat Gallery is our year-round showcase of claywork by 45 Mudflat artists, faculty and students at the Porter Square Shopping Center, Cambridge and is located in the glass arcade of the CVS/Healthworks building.


Gallery Hours:

Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 7

Sundays 12 to 5pm

Extended hours in December

Gallery phone: 617-491-7976

Mudflat Gallery is a member of 

Cambridge Local First.


Mudflat artists are featured monthly at the Gallery -- Come in and see their new work!

November - Julie Peck


Mudflat Gallery Artists are:

Noni Armony, Kyriakos Atsalis, Gail Barry,

Susan Bernstein, Lynn Cannici, Sarah Chapman,

Jennifer DeAngelis, Lisa Dittrich,

Gabrielle Fougere, Jeanne Garrison,

Howard Gerstein, Lynn Gervens, Reme Gold,

Ellen Grund, Leah Guerin, Arthur Halvorsen,

Sue Hamilton, Doug Hansel, Anne Hodgsdon,

Lisa Knebel, Kate Kuligowski,

Kurt Kuss, Toni Langerman, Chiyoko Lee,

Lois Manning, Chloe Marr-Fuller,

Steve Murphy, Trix Oakley, Julie Peck,

Jane Proctor, Elaine Reily, Tilla Rodemann,

Stephanie Schorow, Zach Shaw, Alice Templeton,

Kyla Toomey, Corinna Tuckey, Josh Weinstock,

Erik Wilson, Sue Wing