Mudflat is pleased to be able to offer scholarships to adults and children who wish to participate in our classes and workshops.

We have established 4 funds that support this opportunity. The John McCooey Fund and the Ellen Schorr Fund both provide scholarships for adults enrolling in classes and workshops. The Judith Fuchel–Mahler Fund provides scholarships for adult students enrolling in handbuilding or sculpture classes specifically. The Elee Koplow Fund provides scholarships to children, as well as a parent (or other adult) and a child, taking classes and workshops at Mudflat. These Scholarship Funds are supported in part by many generous individuals who have made financial contributions in memory of John McCooey, a longtime Mudflat student; Ellen Schorr, a Mudflat founder; Judith Fuchel-Mahler, artist; and Elee Koplow, a Mudflat studio artist and faculty member. The Funds are also supported by the sale of raffle tickets at our two Open Studio events each year. Mudflat artists, faculty members and students donate pottery for our popular raffles.

Scholarships are for partial (up to 50%) tuition of a class or workshop. Because Mudflat has a limited amount of money available for scholarships, we can only award a small number of scholarships each semester and students are eligible to receive one scholarship each calendar year. Scholarships for children may be limited to one child per family per semester. Scholarship applications will be evaluated on clearly demonstrated need, the individual’s commitment to clay, and scholarship history.

If you are in need of financial assistance so that you may attend one of our classes or workshops, please fill out the scholarship application form and return it to Mudflat. For more information, please contact the Director.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to register for a class as soon as registration opens if you will be applying for a scholarship so that if we can award a scholarship to you, you will already be enrolled. If we cannot award a scholarship to you, you can drop from the class with no penalty before our class drop deadline.

Scholarship applications for Summer 2021 Semester are due by April 30, 2021.