Somerville High School Outstanding Ceramics Award

Beginning in May 2015, Mudflat has made an annual award to a graduating senior from Somerville High School, who has participated in the high school's ceramics program.  Students are recommended by the high school art department, based on their achievements and their committment to learning ceramics. This $500 cash scholarship recognizes each student's accomplishments and our hope that they can continue to express themselves through their artwork.

Award recipients:

2015 - Nicole Gouveia

2016 - Belal Sohel

2017 - Rosalie Jacobs

2018 - Serenna Arensbach

2019 - Nabila Anandira


We are proud to announce this year's winner of the Mudflat Award for Outstanding Student in Ceramic Arts,

Bianca Oppedisano
As Bianca explains:
"At Somerville High School, I studied ceramics and I enjoyed every second of it. It was a great experience. I discovered that I really love making 3-D art and making my drawings realized in real life out of clay was amazing. I mainly did hand building which gave me the freedom to get the exact look I wanted in my work. After high school I’m going to be attending Umass Boston for environmental science with a minor in art."
Congratulations Bianca!  Best of everything at college and -when things open up again- be sure to come by Mudflat to say hello, catch up, and know that you are part of this vibrant clay community.
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