Adult Workshops


Mudflat's lectures and workshops cover a broad range of topics for everyone from beginner to advanced students. They're a great opportunity to gather with students and clay artists from Mudflat and elsewhere to explore a variety of ceramic art, try your hand at new techniques, or meet visiting artists and socialize over a slide show and reception.


REGISTRATION for these workshops will begin on Thursday July 29 at 10 am.

To register, call the Mudflat office at 617-628-0589



Use your broken, rejected and discarded ceramic pieces to create decorative mosaic works in this two-part hands-on workshop with Mudflat teacher Gabrielle Fougere. Handout and supply list will be sent to students after registration.

Part 1: Saturday, Oct 2, 2-5 pm

Part 2: Saturday, Nov 6, 2-4 pm

Tuition: $250.00, members $125.00



Grief and suffering are extremely personal as well as universal experiences of loss.  Each of us has our own unique journey through this emotional landscape. Art making of any kind can be very helpful in accepting death and the impact of it on our lives. Clay in particular can be a powerful medium, as the experience of working with it can be quite transformative both figuratively and literally. As one moves the clay they are also moving with the grief and creating a meaningful object of connection to their loved one.

This workshop is for people who are grieving, and have played with clay and those who have never touched it.  You will have the option of creating a decorative tile that will honor your loved one and/or a small dish for mementos.

This workshop is led by Emily Newmann, LICSW, a clinical therapist who has expertise in grief work.

Saturday, Oct 23, 1:30-4:30 pm

Tuition: $100, members $50



Our new soda kiln is now firing!

To get everyone up to speed on how this kiln works and how to get the best results, register for this soda kil introduction workshop. If you want to put work in the soda kiln, you will need to register for this workshop. (**see below)

The workshop will include a mandatory orientation meeting that will discuss clay bodies, best forms to make, application of flashing slips, texture considerations, glaze choice and glazing tips, plus what happens in a soda kiln during the firing.

Mudflat’s tech staff will wad, load, fire and unload the kiln. Limited to 10 people – not recommended for beginning students

Tuition: $150.00, members $125 (Includes one 25-lb bag of clay)

Fall 1 Workshop:  - FULL

Orientation Wed Sept 15, 6-7 pm

Firing Thursday Oct 28


Fall 2 Workshop:

Orientation Wed Nov 3, 6-7 pm

Firing Thursday Dec 16


**If you have already attended a Mudflat soda workshop, you can join to have your work included in the firing:

Tuition: Full tray (18" W x 26" D) - $100, members $90

              Half tray (18" W x 13" D) - $50, members $45