Adult Workshops


Mudflat's lectures and workshops cover a broad range of topics for everyone from beginner to advanced students. They're a great opportunity to gather with students and clay artists from Mudflat and elsewhere to explore a variety of ceramic art, try your hand at new techniques, or meet visiting artists and socialize over a slide show and reception.

WORKSHOP REGISTRATION BEGINS ON THURSDAY MARCH 23, 10 am, FOR OUR SPRING/SUMMER 2023 SEMESTER- if you would like to register for any of the winter workshops, please call the mudflat office! 

To register for these workshops, call the Mudflat office at 617-628-0589 (no online registration)



  • Mosaics - Gabrielle Fougere
  • Soda Firing
  • Visiting Artist Workshop: Stuart Gair 


Spring/Summer 2023 WORKSHOPS:

  • Soda Firing
  • Getting started with candle making 
  • Visiting Artist: Jenny Peace
  • Intro to 3D printing for potters
  • Artist-in-Residence Workshop: Nicole McLaughlin
  • Visiting Artists: Tomoo Hamada & Simon Leach
  • Mosaics - Gabrielle Fougere



Stuart Gair is currently living in Athens, Ohio where he has rencently set up a studio as a full-time potter. During this 2-day demo workshop, he will throw a series of basic forms on the wheel and then alter those forms in different ways by cutting, darting, pushing, shaving, carving, and paddling. The workshop is gears towards all skill levels however some basic throwing skills are recommended. A few of the forms will include a teabowl, plate, box pitcher, mixing bowl, creamer and vase. Stuart will also discuss slip application and how he thinks about form, texture and color in relation to the soda kiln. 

Tuesday, April 25 & Wednesday, April 26, 10 am - 4 pm, each day

Tuition: $200.00, members $150.00